RAL – guaranteed highest standards?

The quality of products and services labelled with the RAL-Quality Label goes significantly beyond the scope of the minimum requirements.
These extended requirements ensure:

  • An especially high quality
  • A long service life
  • A reliable function
  • High-end workmanship

RAL makes the difference

The RAL-Quality Labels are based on a comprehensive definition of quality. This always goes beyond the scope of norms and legal regulations which often only take particular properties of a product or a service into account. The RAL-Quality Assurance, on the other hand, always comprises a multitude of various aspects which are important for the useage of the products. These are especially regarding the environmental compatibility, safety, efficiency, customer orientiation, durability, and expertise of the personnel.

RAL-Quality Labels can be used for public tendering without any restrictions to define the standards of the required products. The formulation of the quality requirements by means of a RAL-Quality Label can be demanded independently from national or European norms.

Reliable and neutral

The RAL-Quality Labels GZ 943 and GZ 944 are approved and assigned according to the same principles.

The system of RAL-Quality Labels encompasses everything from the definition of the scope of validity, to the auditing procedure, the assignment and monitoring of the compliance with the product requirements, to the possibility of a revocation.

This concept is to make sure that the RAL-Quality Labels are neutral and sustainable and in this aspect they differ from other systems of quality labelling.

Tested quality standards?

The products are tested according to all relevant norms.

Additional tests have been defined as scope of the RAL-Quality Assurance to exceed the minimum requirements:

  • Pressure test of the infill material
  • Contact diffusion by means of a sun simulation
  • Increased requirements with extended Lisport-testing

All installed products are spot-checked on site.

The quality is ensured by annual external monitoring by means of a check of the documentation of the internal monitoring and testing of reserve samples of the flooring systems.

The clear labelling of the quality-tested products ensures a clear product identification.